Handmade life: indigo

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À medida que Agosto se vai aproximando do fim, apetece-me ir passeando por tons mais escuros. Estas peças em indigo estão cheias de magia e mistério, não acham?


As August is coming to an end, I feel like wandering in darker shades. These indigo items are full of magic and mistery, don't you think?


Megan V said...

Thank you for featuring my dusty purple Wallflowers on your blog!!! Gorgeous collection of inspiration.
xo Megan ~ Lilac Saloon

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thanks for featuring my bird pin :) Such beautiful items!

Tomiffy Design said...

Thanks for including my hat here! Love your collection!!!


sue@solsticehome said...

This is such a lovely collection. Thank you for making me a part of it.
sue (solsticehome)

naomi said...

I love indigo colour! Gorgeous collection! Thank you for including my pouch ^^


Jenelle said...

I absolutely love the items you chose! Beautiful! Thank you so much for including my trees :-)

Hitomi Kimura said...

I love the collection and thank you so much for including my towel! I'm very happy to have found your stylish :)