Mundo Flo's Soundtrack

Alguns dos meus duetos favoritos | Some of my favorite duets...

The power of orange knickers (Tori Amos ft. Damien Rice)
Without you I'm nothing (Placebo ft. David Bowie)
Henry Lee (Nick Cave ft. PJ Harvey)
Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John (Belle and Sebastian ft. Norah Jones)
Dog door (Sparklehorse ft. Tom Waits)
Beautiful boyz (Coco Rosie ft. Anthony)
This mess we're in (PJ Harvey ft. Thom Yorke)
That leaving feeling (Stuart Staples ft. Lhasa de Sela)
Brazilian sun (Coco Rosie ft. Devendra Banhart)
The build-up (Kings of Convenience ft. Feist)

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