Handmade Life: cocon

"I like things to be born ...At first, they float something like a dust in my headit often comes to music, poetry, film, personage, memories, smells and images that I kept deep in my brain ...my hands will get to work or rather play. And I realize until this becomes a form of floating dust. I like this itinerary, I think I'll continue this way as if it were obvious." (Cocon)

É assim que surge a magia, traduzida em peças de roupa, artigos para a casa e bonecos que são, antes de mais, verdadeiras obras de arte! Já conhecia os produtos que estão na neëst (uma loja francesa online de artigos para a casa), e adorei descobrir todo o conceito e trabalho desta linda marca que cheira a poesia.


This is how the magic happens, translated into clothing, homewares and dolls that are, first of all, pieces of art! I already knew the products sold at neëst (a french online store for the home), and loved to find the whole concept and work of this wonderful trademark that smells like poetry.

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