About designing clothes (or bags)

Photo by Jennifer Causey

"This is the whole point about designing clothes, it's made of thousands of decisions, hundreds and hundreds in one collection, but it's made by all those thousands you make in a lifetime as well. I'm talking about cutting, talking about everything, what kind of stitching, whatever... The more you know, the more you know what hasn't been done, and the more you know how you can manipulate things, and the more you know what kind of story the things will tell you, what kind of feelings they have. It's an art in the sense that it's trial and error, it's something you build up. That's what technique is, it's building up associations, and understanding how materials work and what happens to them."

(Vivienne Westwood)

O mesmo se aplica ao design de malas :)
The same applies to bags design :)

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