My sketchbook: April patterns

Estes foram os últimos padrões para o mês de Abril, para o projecto "Let's make patterns". Os últimos dias têm sido de muito trabalho, e alguns padrões foram feitos fora de prazo. Durante o mês de Maio vou fazer uma pausa neste projecto, para retemperar energias e voltar a pegar noutro tipo de desenhos. Pode ser que volte aqui mais tarde!


These are the last patterns of April, for the project "Let's make patterns". The latest days have been really busy, and some patterns were made out of time. On May, I am going to have a break on this project, in order to refresh my energies and go back to other type of skecthes. Maybe I'll come back on this later!


anika said...

Glad to see you kept up with it throughout the month! I really love the top image--the colors, and the pattern are great!

I considered taking a break for May, but instead am continuing with simple pencil sketches. Looking forward to see what other types of sketches you work on this month! Thanks for "playing along" and posting your images to the flickr group. :)

Adriana Oliveira said...

Thank you Anika, for stopping by and commenting! I can't wait either to see your pencil sketches :) and I'm sure I'll be back to patterns soon!