"(...) It is a beautiful thing to do things out of hope during the darker times of the year. After all winter is our time to do the quiet and less obvious work on ourselves just as the trees and plants do all around us without us knowing it. They dig their roots deep to find what they need that comes more easily in the warmer days of the year. These roots ground them when the wild storms of spring and fall come whipping upon them. That work in the winter gives them strength to withstand it once again.(...)
We need darkness to tell us to rest and draw closer to the things that warm us. We need these days to recover, hibernate, rebuild the things that need it most. Winter will bring routines of slowness to our days or it should. (...) Winter is about coming home, not just to your actual home but to yourself."

(Megan Gilger, The Fresh Exchange)

(Photo by Thomas Hanks)

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