Handmade life: pure romance

Fleur fatale (Laarne, Belgium)

Yvette inufio (Coral Gables, FL - USA)

La marquise des anges (France)

Linkel Designs (Clawson, MI - USA)

Estas lojas deixaram-se sem respiração... tantas peças maravilhosas, delicadas e únicas, perfeitas para um lindo começo de Primavera florido, não acham? (confesso que acabei por comprar o colar da primeira imagem...)


These shops have left me breathless... so many beautiful, delicate and unique things, perfect for a flowered lovely Spring start, don't you think? (I must confess that I bought myself that necklace in the first picture...)


Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

what a vey lovely blogpost and I really appreciated being part of it. merci so much.

once again I love your blog !!!


Greet said...

ooh, what a great blogpost,
I am so happy to be included here and that you like my work!

lovely blog you have!!!
Greet xxx