The art of stillness

São tão raros os momentos que consigo parar mesmo por completo, e tão grande o impacto que têm em mim, que rapidamente sinto necessidade de os registar de alguma forma, o que de certo modo acaba com eles. É tão difícil acalmar a mente!


The moments I manage to stop completely are so rare, and their impact on me is so great, that I quickly find myself trying to capture them somehow, and therefore end up ruining them. It is so hard to quiet the mind!


"I think many of us have the sensation that we're standing about 2 inches away from a huge screen and it's noisy and it's crowded and it's changing with every second and that screen is our lives, and it's only by stepping back, and then further back, and holding still, that we can begin to see what the canvas means and to catch the larger picture, and a few people do that for us by going nowhere." 

(Pico Iyer)

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